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A baby’s natural sleep cycle is approximately 40-50 minutes. They alternate between REM (Active Sleep) and Deep Sleep. A baby will naturally awaken between each sleep cycle momentarily before slipping into the next sleep cycle. As the baby grows older these sleep cycles lengthen to reach approximately 3/4 hours in adulthood. As adults we do not notice these natural wake ups as we have learnt how to knit our sleep cycles together. However one of the key reasons why a baby awakens (fully) during these cycles is because they have become reliant on sleep aids to help them go back to sleep. Sleep aids can take the form of feeding, rocking, dummy etc. and as such the baby does not learn how to self-settle independently.

Depending on your child’s needs it may not be appropriate for your baby to sleep through the night without a feed.   I can help you work on laying down good foundations and teach your baby to settle for nap and bedtimes. I offer a special package for expectant parents, to ensure that they get the basics right from the starting blocks…it will help build your confidence and give you the baby SOS toolkit for the months ahead.

I do not advocate the cry it out method. I will work with you to give you all the options and we will embark on whatever method you feel is right for you and your family. I am a mum and know how important your little one is to you and that you don’t want them to be upset. When we have discussed the best plan suited to your family, I will send you a bespoke plan to follow. Remember why you are doing this, the best possible outcome for every family is having a good night’s sleep.

I do not operate a one size fits all approach.  With every family that contacts me, I need to first rule out hunger and discomfort as reasons for waking. Once I am confident that these are not the reasons for night-time waking, I can unpick the habit and work with you to lay down some positive sleep associations.

Definitely! I support healthy feeding so whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, there is typically a lot that can be done to improve sleep. Good nutrition is important for good sleep. I never rush to eliminate night feeds but have gentler ways to reduce the feeds when you and your baby are ready.

I guarantee that I will do whatever it takes to help you achieve your sleep goals. There are so many variables involved that I can’t guarantee specific results, from health, temperament, illness, parental willingness to implement change and realistic, age-appropriate expectations. 99.9% of families see a significant improvement in sleep and I am persistent in looking for appropriate solutions to any challenges that come up. Believe me, I get just as much satisfaction with your little one sleeping through as you!

I live in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire. I will typically travel up to an hour for home visits (which may incur some travel costs). Get in contact today and let’s discuss how we can make it work.

I work with children up to 4 years old.  It is never too late and I can always work on improving your child’s sleep. However the more engrained those habits are, the longer they may take to resolve so get in touch and let’s get him/her sleeping through today.

“I have just come back from a weaning class which was held by Natasha. I found it to be incredibly informative and interesting…we even got to try some recommended finger food! I am looking forward to trying out some of the suggested recipes and feel much more confident about how to wean Harrison. Loved the handouts, which are so clear and easy to follow – thanks Natasha!”