About Me

About Me

Find out more about the woman behind Baby Sleep Matters and how she got involved with sleep consulting.

Creating a new life is an amazing miracle but it can also be one of the most challenging things you ever do…believe me, I know! As a mum of two gorgeous little humans, I have been through the mill in what felt to be an impossible quest for a peaceful night’s sleep. Throw a dairy intolerance, reflux (my eldest) and colic (my youngest) into the mix, alongside some strong-will and comedic defiance, and you have yourself a rather epic rollercoaster ride of emotions

It goes without saying that we all want to have happy households filled with laughter and joy, not tears and heartache, and we will do everything in our power to try to achieve this nirvana. You may therefore find yourself reading books, researching online or reaching out to friends and family for advice…but with your sleep-deprived mind filled with different strategies you find yourself drowning with no real idea of how to react. This is exactly where I found myself in the first few weeks after my eldest was born, and propelled me to spend a huge amount of time studying and researching how babies sleep. Subsequently, I have trained with MNT and Gateway to become a certified Baby Sleep Consultant and Baby Massage Instructor and am fully insured with current DBS checks and paediatric first aid.

Many people have turned to me for help over the years and nothing makes me happier than giving them practical and effective advice that I know will really make a difference. I hold a strong belief that every family and every child is unique and my approach reflects this – I work closely with you and your baby to ensure that we achieve your goal together.

I am thrilled to be working in partnership with The Lullaby Trust and donate 10% of any earnings from The Newborn Package and The Sleep Class to this very worthy cause. The Lullaby Trust provides expert advice on safer sleep for babies, emotional support for bereaved families and raises awareness of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Ultimately, I am hugely passionate about helping exhausted parents through the first few months to help their baby achieve a healthy sleep pattern. I understand the struggles, the fear, the guilt, and all the other emotions that play a part…but most importantly, I understand the impact of making positive changes, not just for baby, but for you too.

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